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Our Team

Aisha – Training and film unit coordinator

  • Aisha, one of the most prominent members of Sanatkada, spoke about the influence of education on her life. “In my home, education was given no importance. My father was absolutely against me going to school, but with a great deal of difficulty and my grandfather’s help, I managed to get admission into school. I always came first in class and loved to learn, but after grade 8 when it was a question of continuing to high school, my father persisted in rejecting my education.
    It was only because I was stubborn that I managed to study further. I had to fight for anything I wanted to do and achieve. Only after I graduated was my father proud of me- I am the only person to have graduated from their studies in my entire village community.
    I made everything happen by myself: I studied computer skills, sewing, and practiced all the time. I joined Sanatkada in 2011 to continue learning about computers and technology, and my life has completely transformed. I changed my life from a locked up world, to one that is my own.” Despite the closed off world Aisha grew up in, the education she sought out for herself has allowed her insight and train of thought to branch out far past the ideals of her family. What I found most remarkable was how blatantly aware she was of the oppression many women in Lucknow face, despite growing up with no exposure to progressive thinking.
    I asked her about her perspective on gender inequality in India, she told me: “I have come to realize that there’s a big difference between the way that boys think and the way that girls do. Women have advanced, and so has their thinking. Now, we have to work with men and their views have to change as well. If they don’t change, how will women adapt in this oppressive culture? Sanatkada is its own world, but ultimately we are in Lucknow. We are making some changes in our own families with our brothers, but that’s not enough- we have to make broader change in the reality of the world we live in.”


  • My name is Azra. I belong to Baanda and have studied till Intermediate . I worked with Vanagana Organization prior joining  Sadhbhavana Trust since 5 years .This Organisationis special to me as it works for the Women Empowerment. My work focuses on the Issues related to violence against women on the field. I work with the aim to bring in the regularization and controlling  of the old cases  that stand connected to the organisation and also take charge of fresh issues.
    Working here gives me strength and positivity to fight for the needful and overcoming the challenges that come across.

Bushra Sheikh

  • I am Bushra Sheikh and have completed graduation in 2016 from Mumtaz P.G. collage. 
    I  worked as a volunteer at (Sadbhavana Trust) under Sanatkada Film Studio and now as a permanent employee in the same year.
    I have undergone gender training programme in which I learnt about identity, leadership and mobilization.With the help of Sadhbhavana Trust I have gained expertise in Photography, Videography and basic computer skills and technicalities.
    I am a team member at the Sanatakada Film Studio since May 2017 and have been utilizing my skills in editing and shooting films with my Team.

Hameeda Khatoon–Co-Director

  • Hameeda was born to a poor Muslim family of seven brothers and sisters in Faizabad, UP. Incidentally, her house was close to the famous Babri Masjid, the contested birth place of Lord Rama in Ayodhya. Since a very young age Hameeda was financially independent, supporting both her education and her household expenses by selling garlands made from flowers. Hameeda’s father suffered from throat cancer, which prevented him from bringing home a steady income. Despite these emotional and financial upheavals, Hameeda succeeded in completing high school and got a job as a sales girl with Hindustan Lever Company. Her job entailed going from door to door to sell products. Owing to the nature of her job, Hameeda faced undue disapproval from her community.Hameeda completed her graduate studies and continued her professional and financial pursuits. Hameeda joined Sanatkada and the rest is history. From being one of seven siblings in a poor Muslim family of Faizabad, Hameeda is today an educated and independent woman, who is also the primary breadwinner of her family. It is Hameeda’s efforts which have led to the creation of SanatkadaSamajikPehel, a unique women’s collective targeting young women from minority communities in the economically deprived neighborhoods of old Lucknow with a goal to empower them through capacity building, skills and leadership development.

Heena Kausar

  • My name is Heena Kausar. I live in Taalkatora and have completed my High school from Mumbai. Sanatkada had given me opportunity to work as an Apprentic Trainer in 2011.
    My work is mostly about Field work that involves spreading the information of Government related schemes to various communities. The topic varies from issues related to gender, violence against women,  spreading awareness about freedom of speech and holding a strong individuality for oneself.
    The best part about my work reflects in the relationship that I am able to maintain with the people of community. The bond we share helps me to utilize my knowledge and experience that will instill positive impact for women empowerment.

Kahkashan Beg

  • My name is Kahkashan Beg.I live in Lucknow and I am a post graduate in Urdu from Kanpur University.
    I am thankful to Sanatkada and Nirantar for helping me shape my professional career in Filmmaking. They have given me a platform to expose my skills along with training since 2009.
    My turning point was in 2012 when I was given the opportunity to start my work with video unit team supported by Sanatkada. I am thankful to Hameeda and Sahba for their support to have been associated with this Organization. Gradually I progressed to making films that have been widely appreciated and have bagged 2 awards with my Team at the Ankur Film Festival at Nasik. My Team and I filmed profiles that helped me develop a strong insight, frame an open mind and a strong identity for myself.
    I soon gained exposure and skills which later helped me move on to better equipment and technicalities. Currently, I have reached a stage where we accept orders to shoot films for various events such as exhibitions, seminars, weddings etc. We impart trainings to people in various cities and this  has helped me transcend into a confident and an independent woman. The positive support from the people around us has helped us channelize our energy positively. It feels exhilarating to belong to  a  women centric team  that operates the entire video unit. I love the fact that Sadbhavana Trust works and operates solely with women.
    Another big opportunity that came my way was the English Language Training at New Delhi in 2015 that helps me overcome various barriers today. I feel proud to say that I am the Asst.  Co-ordinator for the Sanatkada Film Studio, a trainer of Videography, Photography and a Film-Editor.
    I have gained a lot of knowledge and skills in the past few years, and will continue to reciprocate the same to my country.

MeenaSoni– Domestic Violence and Jail Unit Coordinator

  • Meena brings with her many years of experience working withgrass-root NGOs. She has worked as a reporter with KhabharLahariya newspaper, and as a field staff with Vanangana andAali in Lucknow in past. She is an acid attack survivor whose key areas of interest are working on the issue of violence against women and providing counseling andlegal support to incarcerated women. Meena is a strong leader who leads her intervention team with passion and experience.

Nasreen Riyaz – Perspective building training coordinator

  • Nasreen coordinates the leadership-training program and information centre. She was married immediately after completing her schooling, and had four children. However she never gave up her dream of a higher education. She joined Sanatkada part-time in 2006 and with the knowledge and confidence she gained through leadership trainings and work experience here, she joined full time in 2009. While working full-time, raising her children and despite struggles in her domestic sphere, Nasreen was able to challenge the pervasive norms in her community and complete her graduation. Her experience at Sanatkada has given her the confidence and exposure she needed to work and lead her life in a fulfilling way. She is now a role model for women in her family and community.Nasreen Riyaz – Perspective building training coordinator

Saira Khan

  • My name is Saira Khan. I have completed my studies till class 5th. In 2011, my 4months training course taught me how to operate computers, Videography, Photography, and Film Editing. In gender training, I learnt about developing a strong individual perspective and a self-identity. I also learnt the skills of field work.
    Initially I worked at the Sanatkada Film Studio as an employee where my team and I record documentaries, profiles, weddings and run a blog on issues like domestic violence, leadership training, people’s experiences, short films.(badaltifiza.worldpress.com / facebook page Sadbhavana Trust,Lucknow).
    Currently, I am the Assistant coordinator of Sanatkada Film Studio. Working here has helped me become more confident about myself while interacting with people and travelling as per my work requisites without any hesitation.

Sandhya Verma  

  • My name is Sandhya Verma. I belong to Baanda dist. I have pursued B.A from Bundelkhand University in 2012. I joined Sadhbhavana Trust since 2015 and have been working as both an employee and as an Admin in the Accounts Department

Shabnam Syed

  • My name is Shabnam Syed. I live in Cambell road, Lucknow. I am a Graduate in B.A from Mahila P.G College, Lucknow.
    I have worked at Pratham Sanstha  that works for the Right to Education of  unprivileged children.  After working as a coordinator in 2006, I came to work for the Sadbhavana Trust. I am assigned to work as a Field worker since 2012. It comprises of spreading the information of Government related schemes to various communities. The topic varies from issues related to gender, violence against women,  spreading awareness about freedom of speech and holding a strong  individuality for oneself. I aim to spread my knowledge to help the downtrodden just as Sadbhavana Trust  has helped me achieve success in my life.

Shama Khan

  • My name is Shama Khan and I am born and brought up in Lucknow. I pursued B.A from Mahila College, Lucknow. I was a teacher at Al- Huda (Daliganj) before joining Sadbhavana. The traning of gender and leadership paved way for me to  join with this organization in 2009. I have worked at Sadbhavana as an Assistant Admin and now as a part time employee under hospitality of medical wing. 

Yasmeen Khatoon

  • My name is Yasmeen Khatoon. I am form Qaiserbagh,Lucknow. I had worked as a volunteer in (Sadbhavana Trust) Sanatkada Film Studio since 2017.
    I have undergone gender training in which I learnt about identity, leadership and mobilization.With the help of Sadhbhavana Trust, I have gained expertise in Photography, Videography and basic computer skills and technicalities.
    I am a team member at the Sanatakada Film Studio since May 2017 and have been utilizing my skills in editing and shooting films with my Team.