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Leadership Programme

    • The leadership programme is an umbrella programme which initiates the leadership journey of adolescent and young girls from minority communities. It provides these girls an understanding of important concepts, such as, the self, gender identity, the role of patriarchy in the establishment of unequal gender roles, gender oppression, women empowerment, and women rights. It aims to develop a strong gender identity perspective in women,with a focus on the issues of gender and identity along with small-scale trainings on relevant topics like Citizenship, Right To Education (RTE), accessing government entitlements like Voter ID, UID, and PAN Cards, and the criminal and social justice system in India.The perspective building training also involves imparting both technical and soft skills to expand opportunities and provide a better outlook towards their future life.


In India minority community stands with the backward and suffering communities. Mostly women from these communities pose a lot of struggle to put up their voices because they do not have a proper platform for it. Seldom one can find a guide amongst these women.
The main reason behind lack of progress in minority and specially minority women and girls is because the government has not made any scheme or program which directly addresses their problem. It would not be wrong to say that there are hardly any schemes or programs for the women who are on the periphery, and if there are any, then the information and availability of those schemes and programs is very limited. The government does boasts about the number of schemes running but how many does it benefit is the question. Another problem that occurs is that, during the formulation of these schemes the objective of the government is the welfare of the women rather than empowerment and leadership. On the other hand it has been noticed that social institutions have not done any progressive work with minority community. No work has been done specially on social and economic issues for the women on the periphery. This is the reason why women are not able to connect with the mainstream. It is difficult to find women leadership in public as well as private organization.
Considering the analysis of the situation Sadhbavana Trust Lucknow with its experience in working with women on the margin started this program which not only provides deep knowledge about social issues but gives technical/information, communication training and practical experience of working in the field.

Self-suffice and empower women and girls to take decisions regarding their lives and spread awareness about human rights in their vicinity.

  •  To build understanding about concepts like gender, human rights, sexuality and gender amongst women and girls of small settlements in Lucknow.
  • Introduce women and girls to media and technology with feminist perspective.
  • To strengthen the association of women in social work and attain their rights, increase participation in operation in entities and administration and through this keep them connected with democratic process so that they enter mainstream.
  • To give girls training opportunities according to their needs and ambitions to make them financially sound.
  • To provide scholarship to women and girls for their higher studies and training.

To fulfill the objective a year course has been sketched.

First Stage
Vision/ Approach creation Training: This procedure takes place every month for five days at the central office in Lucknow. An understanding is developed on identity, gender, inequality, education, patriarchy, mobility, position of women, private law, emerging political issues, personality development, women violence, communication and qualities required to work on field.

Second Stage
Field work/ field exposure: In this stage every individual is given an assignment on the basis of every month’s topic of discussion. In the assignment every individual has to identify the overall problem of her community and bring it into everyone’s notice and with the help of administration they have to solve the problem. This assignment gives field work experience and instills confidence in girls.

Third Stage
Computer and information technique training: This stage connects the women and girls to computer and internet. The technical knowledge provided, helps them to avail public benefits. Internet also helps them to stay connected in future and keep the bond strong.

Fourth Stage
Film making, Photography, Videography: this process is a very important part of the perspective building program. The aim is to make women participate in mainstream community and social issues through media and technology. Through media and technology they can show the ground reality to the society and the administration. English enrichment classes are also provided in this stage.