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Sanatkada Film Studio-
The Sanatakda Film Studio is a unique initiative to teach Muslim women and girls in Lucknow the art of photography and filmmaking, building their technical skills and establishing their identity as independent women working in the media.
The media world has traditionally been male dominated and one in which it can be difficult for women to establish themselves. The Sanatkada Film Studio aims to create a space for women in the media and support women in standing on equal footing with men in this field.
With a strong feminist perspective, the Sanatkada Film studio develops documentaries on women’s issues and other important social issues, as well as short video profiles of women in the city.


When technology is discussed only the image of a male comes to one’s mind, why hasn’t anyone thought of a girl doing technical work, especially minority women.
SadbhavAna Trust in Lucknow is one, that helps minority women to enhance their hidden talent. Many girls from small settlements in Lucknow have joined the leadership program. In this program they learnt many skills like computer, comic making, english speaking, videography, photography and video editing. In the perspective building training they built a deep understanding about gender equality, identity, sexuality, mobility, law and their human rights. As the process advanced with time many girls succeeded into skilled trainers.
During the initial days of the training these girls shared their knowledge with the new enrolled girls in the workshop and after that they started sharing their experiences with people in Lucknow and outside Lucknow. In this exchange of knowledge they facilitate a workshop on photography, videography and perspective building. Training of photography and videography has been made very easy to learn for the girls to understand it in their language. The aim of these girls is to connect all the girls from different locality with technology and spread a wave of equality.